Add-on (module) identifier resource.

    'MDID' 32500 "Add-On Identifier" {


A four-byte identifier of the 3rd party developer. Developers can get their ID upon registration at archicadapi.graphisoft.com.
A four byte identifier of the add-on. The ID must be generated by the developer at archicadapi.graphisoft.com site inside the AddOns profile.



This resource is required and used as a unique ID of the add-on.

The ID is composed of two parts. The developerID is generated by Graphisoft upon registration. It is ensured to be unique to each Registered 3rd Party Developer. The developer is responsible to generate a unique localID for each of his/her add-on.
Refer to the Registration paper to get further details.

Note, that Archicad refuses to load those add-ons whose MDID resources are the same.



Version: API 3.1 or later
Header: ResTmpl.r


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