Converts a Drawing’s guid to its link unique ID equivalent in a pre-12.0 plan file.

    Int32  ACAPI_Element_DrwGuidToLinkId (
        API_Guid     drwGuid



[in] The guid of the drawing.


Return Values

The link unique ID. Used in Archicad 11 and older vesrions.


The linkUId member of API_DrawingType strucure is not used anymore. APIDb_GetDrawingLinkID function requires the drawing’s guid instead of linkUId.
Archicad started saving a version 11.0 file, and conversion of drawings’API_Guids stored in user datas or modul datas may be necessary. Use this function to perform the conversion.


Version: API 12.0 or later
Header: ACAPinc.h


See Also

API_Guid, API Functions