Reads a string from an ‘STR#‘ string list resource.

    bool  ACAPI_Resource_GetLocStr (
        char*           str,
        short           resID,
        short           index,
        GSResModule     resModule = ACAPI_GetOwnResModule ()



[out] The pointer of the string.
[in] The resource ID of the ‘STR#‘ resource in the GRC file.
[in] The index of the string in the resource.
resModule New in API 16
[in] The resource module to load the resource from. The default value is the add-on’s own resource module.


Return Values

The string was retrieved successfully.
The string wasn’t retrieved.



This function is used to load a string from a string list resource, which requires localization.

The GRC compiler uses the ‘STR#‘ resource type for this purpose. The different lines in the resource will be the indices referenced by index parameter. For more information about the structure of the GRC file please refer to the GRC documentation.



/* This is the according part of the GRC file: */

'STR#' 32510 "Fix strings" {
/* [  1] */ "Saving the file in abc format"
/* [  2] */ "You have canceled the operation!"

/* In the source of the add-on it can be referred like this */

char          own_res_str[256];
bool          succ;

succ = ACAPI_Resource_GetLocStr (own_res_str, 32510, 1, ACAPI_GetOwnResModule ());

if (succ) {
    /* Writing the string in the Report Window */
    ACAPI_WriteReport (own_res_str, false);

Output in the report window is: “Saving the file in abc format”.



Version: API 2.1 or later
Header: ACAPinc.h


See Also

ACAPI_Resource_GetLocUStr, ACAPI_Resource_GetFixStr, ACAPI_GetOwnResModule,
Resource Manager, API Functions