API Output Framework

The intent of the API Output Framework was to provide a general framework to access the API Element and Attribute hierarchy through an object-oriented layer. It’s important to note that the framework was created with output (reading) functionality in mind. This means that although the containers and iterators in the framework should work also for creating and modifying elements/attributes, they were not intended to work this way, so it might cause inconsistencies.

The framework code relies on some heavy-duty C++ templates, but the top abstraction layer should be straightforward to use with minimal understanding of the underlying template code.

The framework consists of the following classes (all the framework classes are in the GSAPI namespace). Click a class to read about it.

IAPIOutputManagerIAPIOutputAdapterFactoryIAPIOutputAdapterUniqueTypeIDCreatorBaseUniqueTypeIDCreatorDatabaseGraphNodeIAPIOutputAdapterBaseIAttributeProxyIAPIAttributeAdapterBaseIAPIAttributeAdapterDatabaseGraphIAPIPseudoContainerIAPIAttributeAdapterFactoryAPIOutputApplicationIAPIPseudoIteratorIteratorElemElementPrimElementIDatabaseSelectorAPI Output Framework


Namespace: GSAPI

Version: API 10.21 or later