Textual description of the add-on.

    typedef struct {
        GS::UniString     name;
        GS::UniString     description;
        bool              ssaEnabledType;
    } API_AddOnInfo;



name Changed in 21
The name of the add-on, in Unicode.
description Changed in 21
The description of the functionality of the add-on, in Unicode.
ssaEnabledType 21
This add-on should be enabled only in ARCHICAD-s on Software Service Agreements (SSA). Return true if you write such an add-on.



This is a member of the API_EnvirParams structure, used in the CheckEnvironment function. The description appears in the Add-On Manager dialog of ARCHICAD. Both strings should come from a localizable resource.

The ssaEnabledType field instructs ARCHICAD to enable this add-on only in ARCHICAD-s running on Software Service Agreements, otherwise the user will see an information dialog which lists all those add-ons that provide extra functionality for SSA users.

From API 21 the name and description fields are in Unicode; you shouldn’t call BNZeroMemory or memset on it.



Version: API 4.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Registration.h


See Also

API_EnvirParams, API Types