Describes the Analytical Model Visiblity Settings

    struct API_AM_VisibilitySettings {
        API_AM_VisibilityMode         visibilityMode;
        bool                          isAnalyticalModelVisible;
        bool                          areMembersTransparent;
        bool                          areSymbolsTransparent;
        bool                          areNodesVisible;
        bool                          areReleasesVisible;
        bool                          areCrossSectionsVisible;
        bool                          areCoordinationProfilesVisible;
        bool                          areLocalCoordSystemsVisible;
        API_LoadVisibilityMode        loadVisibilityMode;



visibilityMode 22
Visiblity mode of the Analytical Model.
isAnalyticalModelEnabled 22
Is the Analytical Model enabled.
areMembersTransparent 22
Are Analytical Members displayed as transparent.
areSymbolsTransparent 22
Are symbols (e.g. Nodes) displayed as transparent.
areNodeVisible 22
Are the Nodes of the Analytical Members visible.
areReleasesVisible 22
Are the End/Edge Releases of the Analytical Members visible.
areCrossSectionsVisible 22
Are the Cross Sections of the Analytical Members visible.
areCoordinationProfilesVisible 22
Are the Coordination Profiles of the Analytical Members visible.
areLocalCoordSystemsVisible 22
Are the Local Coordinate System of the Analytical Members visible.
loadVisibilityMode 22
Visiblity mode of the Loads in the Analytical Model.



Version: API 26 or later
Header: .\APIdefs_AnalyticalModel.h


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