Contains the Structural Analytical Model Analytical Link Rotation values.

    typedef struct {
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kxxType;
        double                         kxxValue;
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kyyType;
        double                         kyyValue;
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kzzType;
        double                         kzzValue;
        bool                           resistanceMx;
        bool                           resistanceMy;
        bool                           resistanceMz;
        double                         mxValue;
        double                         myValue;
        double                         mzValue;
    } API_AnalyticalLink_Rotation;



kxxType 24
Rigidity type in X direction.
kxxValue 24
Rigidity value in X direction.
kyyType 24
Rigidity type in Y direction.
kyyValue 24
Rigidity value in Y direction.
kzzType 24
Rigidity type in Z direction.
kzzValue 24
Rigidity value in Z direction.
resistanceMx 24
Resistance value along the X axis.
resistanceMy 24
Resistance value along the Y axis.
resistanceMz 24
Resistance value along the Z axis.
mxValue 24
Rotation value in X direction.
myValue 24
Rotation value in Y direction.
mzValue 24
Rotation value in Z direction.



Version: API 24 or later
Header: .\APIdefs_AnalyticalElements.h


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