typedef struct {
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kxType;
        double                         kxValue;
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kyType;
        double                         kyValue;
        API_AnalyticalRigidityType     kzType;
        double                         kzValue;
        bool                           resistanceFx;
        bool                           resistanceFy;
        bool                           resistanceFz;
        double                         fxValue;
        double                         fyValue;
        double                         fzValue;
    } API_AnalyticalLink_Translation;



kxType 24
Rigidity type in X direction.
kxValue 24
Rigidity value in X direction.
kyType 24
Rigidity type in Y direction.
kyValue 24
Rigidity value in Y direction.
kzType 24
Rigidity type in Z direction.
kzValue 24
Rigidity value in Z direction.
resistanceFx 24
Resistance value along the X axis.
resistanceFy 24
Resistance value along the Y axis.
resistanceFz 24
Resistance value along the Z axis.
fxValue 24
Rotation value in X direction.
fyValue 24
Rotation value in Y direction.
fzValue 24
Rotation value in Z direction.



Version: API 24 or later
Header: .\APIdefs_AnalyticalElements.h


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