ModulData operation code.

    typedef enum {
        APIMDSetMerge_TW = 11,,
        APIMDSetMerge_HLM = 12,,
        APIMDSetMerge_Merge = 13
    } API_MDSetCmd;



This value is passed as a parameter to the APIModulDataMergeHandlerProc callback function.

When the ModulData Manager notifies your add-on, this code tells you the type of operation your add-on is called for.

The APIMDSetMerge_Merge code means that the notification is posted because of the database must be updated; invoked by the Merge or Copy commands.

The APIMDSetMerge_HLM and APIMDSetMerge_TW means the notification is posted because of the databases must be merged; invoked by Teamwork (Send Changes, Receive Changes), or Place Hotlink Module commands, respectively.



Version: API 4.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_ModulData.h


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