Parameters of a project Navigator Set.

    typedef struct {
        char                   name[128];
        API_Guid               guid;
        API_Guid               rootGuid;
        API_NavigatorMapID     mapId;
        bool                   wantsExtraInfo;
        char                   filler_0[3];
        GS::UniString          *host;
        GS::UniString          *dirName;
        IO::Location           *path;
        Int32                  filler[3];
        IO::Location           *twFileServerPathComing in Archicad 24} API_NavigatorSet;



The name of navigator set.
guid Changed in API 11
The own GUID of the navigator set.
rootGuid Changed in API 11
The GUID of the root.
mapId Featuring API 10
The navigator set belongs to this map.
wantsExtraInfo Featuring API 12
Indicates that you need the publishing information (host/dirname/path) for the set.
host Featuring API 12
Contains the host name for internet publishing.
dirName Featuring API 12
Contains the directory name for internet publishing.
path Featuring API 12
Contains the full output path for local/LAN publishing.
twFileServerPath Coming in Archicad 24
Output path on OpenBIMcloud (only when publishing to OpenBIMcloud, otherwise nullptr).



This structure contains name, guid and root guid of a navigator set in Archicad. You can optionally obtain the publishing parameters as well, if the navigator set is a publisher set.

If the path member is not nullptr, it means the set will be published locally. If it is nullptr, then the host/dirName pair contains the Internet publishing parameters. No extra information is available for other publishing types.

Call the ACAPI_Environment function with the APINavigator_GetNavigatorSetID function code to get this data.



Please see the PublishTest () and the UpdateTree () functions in the Navigator_Test example.



Version: API 4.3 or later (for twFileServerPath member: API 24 or later)
Header: APIdefs_Navigator.h


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