Pen attribute representation.

    typedef struct {
        API_Attr_Head     head;
        API_RGBColor      rgb;
        double            width;
        char              description[128];
    } API_PenType;



Specifies the index of the pen.
Color of the pen.
Thickness of the pen defined in millimeters.
description 10
Textual description of the pen; doesn’t have to be unique, and can be empty.



This structure is used to manipulate pen attributes of the currently active Pen Table. Pens cannot be created or deleted; you can just modify them.

There is no additional data assigned to pen attributes in the API_AttributeDef structure.

The index of Pen attributes normally must be between 1 and 255, but there are some special values:

Index Meaning
APIPen_Transparent (= 0) Transparent pen
Fill backgrounds having this pen index are drawn transparently.
APIPen_WindowBackground (= -1) Background pen 5.1
Fill backgrounds having this pen index are drawn with the current window background color.
1000 Grid color pen
Pen index for drawing the grid
1001 Zone fill color 6.1
This is the foreground color of a zone’s fill; coming from the zone category; use the rgb value of the pen
1002 Ghost Story color
Pen index used for drawing ghost story elements



Version: API 1.3 or later
Header: APIdefs_Attributes.h


See Also

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