A picture inside a placed drawing.

    typedef struct {
        API_Prim_Head         head;
        short                 pixelSizeX;
        short                 pixelSizeY;
        Int32                 filler_1;
        double                rotAngle;
        API_Box               destBox;
        API_ColorDepthID      colorDepth;
        API_PictureFormat     storageFormat;
        GS::uchar_t           pictName[API_UniLongNameLen];
        char                  mime[128];
        API_AnchorID          anchor;
        bool                  transparent;
        bool                  mirrored;
        short                 filler_2;
        Int32                 filler_3[4];
    } API_PrimPict;



General primitive element header.
Physical x size in pixels of the original picture.
Physical y size in pixels of the original picture.
The rotation angle.
Bounding box of the picture on the layout (without rotation and mirroring).
Color depth of the image.
Storage format of the picture.
pictName[API_UniLongNameLen] Modified in 18
Unicode (UTF-16) name of the picture.
mime[128] Featuring API 10
MIME string identifying the image format.
anchor Featuring API 10
The anchor point of the picture.
transparent Featuring API 10
Tells if the picture is transparent.
mirrored Featuring API 10
Tells if the picture is mirrored.



Featuring API 10  This structure formerly described a picture on a placed drawing on a PlotMaker layout. Since layouting was integrated into Archicad, it is the part of the drawing content of a API_DrawingType element.

Many of the data members have similar meanings to those of API_PictureType.

The picture data is passed in the par1 parameter of the ShapePrimsProc function. The par2 parameter contains the standard MIME type of the picture.

The picture is not clipped by the border of the drawing on the layout. (Note: this is different from the behavior in PlotMaker.)

The picture here was imported as drawing, rotated, then placed on the layout, and rotated back. Its bounding polygon was also adjusted.


If you need the original picture data, switch to the drawing database, and fetch the information from there with ACAPI_Element_Get and ACAPI_Element_GetMemo.



Version: API 6.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Elements.h


See Also

API_PrimElement, API_Prim_Head, API_Box, API_ColorDepthID, API_PictureFormat, API_AnchorID, API Types