Printing parameters.

    typedef struct {
        short                  scale;
        bool                   grid;
        bool                   fixText;
        char                   printArea;
        bool                   printGhost;
        bool                   scaleToPaper;
        bool                   newSheet;
        bool                   allColorsToBlack;
        bool                   ditherOnPrinter;
        bool                   usePrinterRes;
        bool                   scaleFitToPage;
        API_AnchorID           printAlignment;
        bool                   isStamp;
        bool                   filler_1[31];
        API_PrintStampType     stamp;
        double                 top;
        double                 left;
        double                 bottom;
        double                 right;
    } API_PrintPars;



Printing scale [1..30000]. Ignored if printArea or scaleToPaper is true
Print also the construction grid lines
Print text, arrowheads and scale-independent dashed lines and fills at the actual size defined in their settings dialogs, or proportionally enlarged or reduced to the printing scale
Print the whole drawing or 3D projection fitting onto a page or print the current zoom or the content of the current marquee area only


Print current zoom


Print entire drawing

PrintArea_Marquee 5.1

Print current marquee area

Print the floor plan elements with or without the ghost floor plan elements
Scale the content of the area window to the size that fills the paper width completely in the horizontal direction (for formatted lists only)
Begin printing each zone description or List page on a new sheet of paper (for formatted lists only)
Print all elements in black (Windows only)
Simulate photorealistic image colors on printers with lower bit depths by dithering the colors in the available palette (Windows only)
Use printer resolution for pictures (Windows only)
Recalculate scale for fit to page
printAlignment 5.1
Anchor point of the drawing
isStamp 5.1
Printing header/footer is switched on
stamp 5.1
Data of the header/footer stamp (valid only if isStamp is true)
top Featuring API 10
Position of the top edge of the printing area of the paper in meter (output only)
left Featuring API 10
Position of the left edge of the printing area of the paper in meter (output only)
bottom Featuring API 10
Position of the bottom edge of the printing area of the paper in meter (output only)
right Featuring API 10
Position of the right edge of the printing area of the paper in meter (output only)



For the utilization of this structure see the APIDo_PrintID and the APIDo_PhotoRenderID automation functions.

Featuring API 10  You can retrieve the current printer settings with the APIEnv_GetPrinterParsID environment function.



Version: API 5.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Automate.h


See Also

API_AnchorID, API_PrintStampType
APIDo_PrintID, APIDo_PhotoRenderID
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