Parameters of the change story settings command.

    typedef struct {
        API_StoryCmdID     action;
        short              index;
        bool               dispOnSections;
        bool               dontRebuild;
        double             height;
        double             elevation;
        GS::uchar_t        uName [API_UniLongNameLen];
        Int32              filler_2[4];
    } API_StoryCmdType;



Action done in Story Settings dialog.
An existing story index, which the command is performed upon.
dispOnSections Featuring API 12
The level line of the given story will or will not appear in any model window; in the case of APIStory_SetDispOnSections.
dontRebuild Featuring API 12
Do not will be called rebuild or redraw after Go To Story command.
Story height value; in the case of APIStory_SetHeight, APIStory_InsAbove, or APIStory_InsBelow commands.
Story elevation value; in the case of APIStory_SetElevation.
uName[API_UniLongNameLen] Changed in API 20
Unicode name of the story; in the case of APIStory_Rename, APIStory_InsAbove or APIStory_InsBelow commands.



The command is related to an existing story. It must be referred by the index field of the structure. Possible operations are listed in the API_StoryCmdID list.

Note, that in case story operations are disabled in team projects; except changing the active story.



Version: API 2.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Environment.h


See Also

API_StoryCmdID, API Types