Identification parameters of a project window or window related database.

    typedef struct {
        API_WindowTypeID     typeID;
        Int32                index;
        API_DatabaseUnId     databaseUnId;
        API_DatabaseUnId     masterLayoutUnId;
        GS::uchar_t          title[API_UniLongNameLen];
        GS::uchar_t          name[API_UniLongNameLen];
        GS::uchar_t          ref[API_UniLongNameLen];
        API_Guid             linkedElement;
        API_DatabaseUnId     linkedDatabaseUnId;
        Int32                linkedSegmentMemoIndex;
        Int32                filler_1[3];
    } API_WindowInfo, API_DatabaseInfo;



the window/database type identifier
index Changed in API 11
usually the database/window index (the refCon value in case of custom windows, not used for Section/Elevation Detail and Worksheet database/window).
Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation, Detail and Worksheet database/window unique identifier
masterLayoutUnId Featuring API 10
for Layouts only; database unique ID of the master layout
title Modified in API 11
the title of the database (Unicode string), as it is displayed on the window title bar (generally “ref”+” “+”name”)
name Modified in API 11
the name of the database (Unicode string)
ref Modified in API 11
reference string/id of the database
linkedElement 11
Element linked to the database (e.g. section to a section database) except for drawing databases where it is the drawing element’s guid
linkedDatabaseUnId 11
For databases linked to elements (section, detail, etc.): the database containing the element.
linkedSegmentMemoIndex 11
For interior elevations only; the section segment index in the element memo.



Database/window reference is used for several purposes:

The databases are referenced with their unique ID, except Floor Plan, 3D Model and custom window databases. The unique IDs can be found in the connecting elements (API_CutPlaneType, API_DetailType, API_WorksheetType), or can be listed for independent detail, worksheet, layout and master layout databases (APIDb_GetDetailDatabasesID, APIDb_GetWorksheetDatabasesID, APIDb_GetLayoutDatabasesID, APIDb_GetMasterLayoutDatabasesID respectively).

In case of Floor Plan and 3D Model databases the typeID field is enough to identify them. Custom API windows (APIWind_MyDrawID, APIWind_MyTextID) are identified with typeID and index.

Featuring API 10  With this structure you can retrieve the name, the title and the reference ID of a given window/database (see APIDb_GetDatabaseInfoID). You can also rename independent detail, worksheet, layout and master layout databases using the name and ref fields in APIDb_ModifyDatabaseID.



Version: API 2.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Database.h


See Also

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