Represents a zone stamp.

    typedef struct {
        API_Elem_Head             head;
        short                     pen;
        API_AttributeIndex        catInd;
        bool                      useStampPens;
        bool                      manual;
        bool                      refLineFlag;
        bool                      show_found_poly;
        char                      filler_1[16];
        GS::uchar_t               roomName [API_UniLongNameLen];
        GS::uchar_t               roomNoStr [32];
        double                    roomBaseLev;
        double                    roomHeight;
        double                    roomTopOffset;
        double                    roomFlThick;
        double                    roomLSize;
        double                    reducePercent;
        API_AttributeIndex        material;
        Int32                     filler_2[2];
        double                    stampAngle;
        bool                      fixedAngle;
        bool                      oneMat;
        short                     floorFillPen;
        API_AttributeIndex        floorFillInd;
        short                     floorFillBGPen;
        short                     floorContLPen;
        API_AttributeIndex        floorContLType;
        bool                      useContourLine;
        bool                      useLocalOrigo;
        bool                      use3DHatching;
        bool                      useFloorFill;
        Int32                     libInd;
        API_LinkToSettings        linkToSettings;
        short                     relativeTopStory;
        short                     filler_3[3];
        API_Polygon               poly;
        API_Coord                 pos;
        API_Coord                 refPos;
        API_Coord                 locOrigo;
        double                    fillAngle;
        API_Polygon               refPoly;
        API_Guid                  stampGuid;
    } API_ZoneType;



General element header.
Pen attribute index for the zone stamp. Used only if useStampPens is false.
Index of the actual zone category.
Draw with a single pen (false) or use the pens defined in the zone category library part (true)?
Manually created zone; all edges static, no reference point (refPos).
Surrounded by walls’ reference lines, not side lines.
If true, then Archicad uses the reference line of the walls surrounding the zone for calculations; otherwise it uses the inner edges of the walls. (Can be used only if refLineFlag is true.)
roomName[API_UniLongNameLen] Modified in API 18
Name of the room.
roomNoStr[32] Modified in API 18
Number of the room in string form.
Base level of the room, measured from the floor level.
Height of the room.
roomTopOffset Featuring API 17
The offset from top floor if zone is top linked.
Sub-floor thickness of the room.
Room letter size in mm.
Reduce the zone area with this value [%].
Material attribute index of the 3D zone’s (free or all) surfaces.
stampAngle 6.1
Rotation angle of the room stamp [radian].
fixedAngle 6.1
The stampAngle will not change when the element is rotated and this flag is true.
Use material for all surfaces if true; otherwise inherit boundary walls’ and trimming elements’ materials.
floorFillPen 6.1
Pen attribute index of zone’s cover fill.
floorFillBGPen 6.1
Background pen attribute index of the zone’s cover fill.
floorFillInd 6.1
Fill attribute index of the zone’s cover fill.
floorContLPen 6.1
Pen attribute index of zone’s contour.
floorContLType 6.1
Line type attribute index of zone’s contour.
useContourLine 6.1
Draw contour line?
useLocalOrigo 6.1
Use local origo for cover fill drawing?
use3DHatching 6.1
Use Vectorial 3D Hatch patterns in Floor Plan view? This will apply the Vectorial 3D Hatch set for the element’s top side material.
useFloorFill 6.1
Use cover fill?
Index to the zone category library part in the library.
linkToSettings Featuring API 11
Mode of linking to home story.
relativeTopStory Featuring API 17
The top linked story (relative to home story). Negative values are invalid. 0 = not top linked.
Polygon of the zone.
Position of the origin of the zone stamp.
Reference point to find zone if it was not created manually.
locOrigo 6.1
Base coordinate of zone’s cover fill reference vector if it’s linked to the element.
fillAngle 6.1
Angle of zone’s cover fill reference vector if it’s linked to the element.
The found polygon of the zone. You can access the geometry through the API_ElementMemo of the zone.
stampGuid 13
GUID of the zone stamp object.



The additional parameters of the zone category can be found in the params field of API_ElementMemo.

With the help of ACAPI_Element_GetRelations you can find out what and how many construction elements and objects are in the zone.



Version: API 2.1 or later
Header: APIdefs_Elements.h


See Also

API_AttributeIndex, API_Elem_Head, API_Coord, API_Element,
API_Polygon, API_AddParType, API_ElementMemo,
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