GIS Reference

From Archicad version 9 you can attach GIS data to a project with API functions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a set of computer programs that can organize, display, and analyze spatially distributed data.
You can find detailed explanation of GIS visiting the following websites:

The GIS data associated to the plan can be accessed with the APIDb_GetGISRefID and APIDb_SetGISRefID database functions.

The following UML figure demonstrates the relations between the different parts of the GIS data structure as implemented in the API.

API_GISLinearPos API_Coord3D API_GISPositionRef API_GISRef GISAngularUnit GISLinearUnit API_GISCoordinateSystem API_GISEPSGData API_GISMapProjectionParam API_GISAngleRef API_GISAngularPos API_GISAngular API_GISUML


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