Graphic Input


Add-Ons can start actions which require the user to provide graphic input within the document windows.


Cursor Control


Smartcursor by default

If the Add-On does not change the cursor type, Archicad’s smartcursor management will remain effective, indicating element nodes and edges.


Cursor shape override

Add-Ons cannot specify new cursor shapes. However you can use a ny of the built in cursor types of Archicad.

Note that for one action, an Add-On can use one cursor shape which is persistent until the action is completed and cannot be changed on the fly.


Plane Control

In the process of getting graphic user input, Add-Ons can update Z elevation values during input in the floor plan window. In the 3D window, they have full control on updating all XYZ values


Feedback types



During graphic input, the location of the last mouseclick or numeric entry point is always connected to the cursor with the standard straight, 2 pixel thick rubberband line of Archicad. This is always on, the Add-On cannot switch it off or change its behaviour.


Feedback graphics

In addition to the rubberband, Add-Ons can draw graphics dynamically, contantly updating as the cursor moves. Feedback is limited to thin solid lines. For curved shapes in feedback graphics, Add-Ons must do th esegmentation themselves.


Prompt line content

For each single step of the graphic input, the Add-On must have a prompt line entry that tells the user what is expected in the current step.