Graphisoft Resource Compiler

ResConv [-m r]

        -i <input_file_name>
        -o <output_file_name>
        -t <target>
        [-x <config_file_name>]
        [-f <input_format>]
        [-c <script>]
        [-p <paths>]
        [-q utf8 <script_code>]
        [-w <HiDPI image size list>]
        [-d <ID1>] [-d <ID2>] ... [-d <IDn>]

target: w = Windows, m = Macintosh
input_format: w = Windows, m = Macintosh (default: current platform)
script: 0, 1, 2, 3, 21 (default: 0)
-n no input BOM check on source GRC coming from C prerocessor
paths: additional paths separated with ';' for some resources
script_code: API version 18should be set to utf16
HiDPI image size list: API version 20the list of the HiDPI image size multipliers (example: 2 3 4.5)
IDi: preprocessor definitions