Graphisoft Resource Compiler

resconv [-m <mode>] [other parameters]
  1. Resource converter: mode = r (default)
    resconv [-m r]
            -i <input_file_name>
            -o <output_file_name>
            -t <target>
            [-x <config_file_name>]
            [-f <input_format>]
            [-l <code_table>]
            [-c <code_page>]
            [-n <font_name>]
            [-s <font_size>]
            [-p <paths>]
            [-q utf8 <codepage>]
            [-w <HiDPI image size list>]
            [-d <ID1>] [-d <ID2>] ... [-d <IDn>]
    target: w = Windows, m = Macintosh, e = emulation
    input_format: w = Windows, m = Macintosh (default: current platform)
    code_table: NUL, INT, GRE, RUS, CEU (default: NUL)
    code_page: 0, 932, 936, 949, 950, 1250, 1251, 1253 (default: 0)
    font_name: font name for GDLG resources on Windows (default: )
    font_size: font size for GDLG resources on Windows (default: )
    paths: additional paths separated with ';' for some resources
    codepage: for the -q utf8 switch: specifies the target code page e.g. 1252 (to convert from UTF-8)
    HiDPI image size list: the list of the HiDPI image size multipliers (example: 2 2.5 3)
    IDi: #define-s for the preprocessing

    Remark1: with mode = p (-m p) only preprocessing is performed
    Remark2: with mode = q (-m q) only preprocessing is performed without clearing comments
    Remark3: with mode = i (-m i) on Windows: conversion of cicn, crsr, CURS, ICON, PICT and SICN resources for Macintosh are ignored

  2. PICT GRC -> Make file converter: mode = m
    resconv -m m
            -i <input_file_name>
            -o <output_file_name>
            -c <conv_prg>
            -b <BMP_path>
            -p <dest_path>
            [-d <ID1>] [-d <ID2>] [...] [-d <IDn>]
    conv_prg: converter program name with full path
    BMP_path: path of the source (BMP) directory
    dest_path: path of the destination directory

  3. Dependency file generation (PICT, GICN, GBMP): mode = d
    resconv -m d
            -i <input_file_name>
            -o <output_file_name>
            -v <env_var>
            -p <dest_path>
            [-d <ID1>] [-d <ID2>] [...] [-d <IDn>]
    env_var: environment variable name
    dest_path: path of the destination directory

  4. PICT GRC -> BmpHlp file converter: mode = h
    resconv -m h
            -i <input_file_name>
            -o <output_file_name>
            [-d <ID1>] [-d <ID2>] [...] [-d <IDn>]

  5. Resource preparing utility (Konvert): mode = k
    resconv -m k
            -i <input_file_name>
            -o <output_file_name>
            [-s <switch>]
    Possible switches:
    D Convert a text file to an About List of Distributors. (This is the default conversion mode.)
    M Convert a text file to an About List of Makers.
    E Count checksums of a file.
    X Count the checksum of an EXE file.
    Rcr-ft Mark as resource file && set the CREATOR & TYPE.
    Sn1-n2 Split n1-n2 part of the file.
    B{y1,x1,y2,x2,drawMode} Convert infile.BMP to 'PICT' outfile.pic.
    C Convert a Copyright pict.
    Z Convert a text file (CR->CRLF, '^Z'->'').
    P Extract 'pltt' from the infile.BMP to outfile.ptt.
    T{met,id} Convert a text/pic file to Edu and Site text/pic. (met = 1 – Site-txt; 2 – Edu-txt; 3 – Edu-Pic)
    U{met,id} Convert a text file to Edu and Site text/pic with preceeding marker string. (met = 1 – Site-txt; 2 – Edu-txt)
    Q Convert a 'pltt' (not yet implemented).