GSAPI::IAPIPseudoIterator interface

This template interface provides the necessary abstract methods which allow the user to access an Archicad database element and traverse the current database using the common iterator method of the operator++ () overload.

template <typename APIType, class FinalType>
class GSAPI::IAPIPseudoIterator;

Template parameters

The element type the iterator “references”.
The final iterator type (the type of the iterator derived from this interface).


The interface is called called PseudoIterator because in reality it contains the element it references and uses the IAPIPseudoContainer‘s GetNext () method to update this field.

There are 3 different implementations in the DefaultImplementation folder:

See also IAPIPseudoContainer and IAPIPseudoIterator implementation details.


Namespace: GSAPI

Header: IAPIPseudoIterator.hpp

Version: API 10.21 or later

See Also

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