In this section we summarize the most important limitations of the user experience of Archicad Add-Ons.

  • You cannot hide or change the standard elements of the Archicad GUI.
  • Cannot change the content of Context menus.
  • Cannot add Cursor shapes and use them.
  • Cannot change or add mouse constraint directions to be activated by pressing Shift.
  • Cannot change the interaction and feedback of existing Archicad commands. (But you can get notified of them and do some changes after.)
  • Cannot change the appearance and behavior of existing element types.
  • In Section/Elevation windows, element links managed by Add-Ons cannot be effective until the user chooses the Rebuild Model or Renew commands.
  • Cannot add items or options to standard palettes or their pop-up controls.
  • Cannot add items to Pet Palettes.
  • Note: In the 3D window, if it displays elements of a floor plan selection, Add-On must manage the selection of elements it adds to the project.