New API features in Archicad 26

This outline summarizes the major new features and changes in the API available with Archicad 26 (API version 26).

  1. Technical changes
    • The DG::Browser class has been changed. From Archicad 26 only asynchronous JS objects can be registered. Use the RegisterAsynchJSObject function instead of the removed RegisterJSObject and prepare for asynchronous behaviour.
    • Separate functions were added for querying protection information as a direct replacement of APIEnv_ProtectionDataID and API_ProtectionInfo.
    • APIEnv_CheckDongleID was removed.
  2. New functionality
  3. Modified/new structures
  4. Modified/new functions

Please note: writing elements in raw binary format (for example, storing raw structures in API_ModulData’s dataHdl field) is not supported. Please use the dedicated serialization functionality of the API to do this.

Note: You may also check the list of the new API features in the former Archicad versions.