ReadMe Guidelines

Each software product, published on CD-ROM or other media, must contain a Read- Me file.

If different platform versions exist (e.g. for Mac and for Windows), each version needs a specific Read-Me.

As the standard language is English, at least an English Read-Me has to be submitted by the given material. In case of localized versions further localized Read-Me(s) are required.

Recommended file formats: HTML, TXT.


The structure of a Read-Me

Welcome to

Product name

© Developer, published by Publisher®

Content of the software package (“Content of this CD-ROM”)

Short description of the product
  • Libraries: How many objects are there and how to use them?
  • Add-On: What is the goal, main ideas?

Where to find documentation of the product? (in the package, online)

How to receive support?

What else does the package contain: QuickTime, Acrobat Reader, pictures, movies?


How to use the product with Archicad

Hardware/Software requirements -> Are they the same as for Archicad, or different?

Installation -> How to start the installer? Where to copy the files, if no installer is provided. How to overwrite earlier version of this product?

Loading the product

  • Libraries: Load library command
  • Add-On: Autoload / Load Add-On command

What other files or components does the product need? (e.g. standard Archicad library, other Add-on)

Compatible Archicad versions



Installation of additional programs

Installation instructions for the other programs in the package, like QuickTime or Acrobat Reader.



Developer (name, address, e-mail, web page)

Publisher (name, address, e-mail, web page)

Other copyright notices