March 16, 2020
by Tibor Lorántfy
modified at June 23, 2021

How to get MDID for my Add-On?

All add-ons must have a resource named 'MDID' with a resource ID of 32500. This resource defines the unique ID of the add-on.
The 'MDID' is composed from two parts:

The generated identifiers at the Add-ons tab in the profile settings.

If your add-on has invalid 'MDID', then ARCHICAD will refuse to load it. If two add-ons have identical 'MDID' resources, then in order to avoid collisions ARCHICAD will refuse to load those. So make sure you generated new identifiers for all of your add-ons!

As it does not require localization, the 'MDID' resource should be contained by the Fix.grc.
Simply copy the two identifiers (highlighted on the picture above) into the grc file:

'MDID' 32500 "Add-On Identifier" {

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