General API Development Kit 25

The General API Development Kit enables software developers to extend the functionality of ARCHICAD.

The following documents give a short overview of the possibilities and requirements.

API White Paper
License Agreement
System Requirements

Add-ons built with this API version are compatible with ARCHICAD 25.
You can check what improvements and corrections have been made to the former API versions.

New Features in ARCHICAD 25 Featuring API 25
Release History

Note, that because of the interface changes significantly release by release, we do not ensure neither interface nor binary compatibility with previous versions.
So add-ons compiled with older DevKits cannot be loaded in the ARCHICAD 25.

The following documents contain detailed information on different aspects of API development.
Please consider these rules and recommendations in order to develop solutions conforming to ARCHICAD.

Platform Independent Programming
DevKit Components
Structure of an Add-On
User Interface Issues
Database Overview
Tips and Tricks
Frequently Asked Questions
ReadMe Guidelines

Reference to the Application Programming Interface

Structure Reference
Function Reference
Error Codes


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